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IoT and Supply Chain Planning

Which supply chain planning processes should we automate?

22 January, 2019

Now that more companies are embracing supply chain planning productivity and automation, many firms are asking which...

Recreating the Demand Environment Requires Additional Inputs

"Recreating the environment in which historical demand occurred"

8 January, 2019

Editor's Note: Starting today we will begin publishing this blog once every two weeks.

At last year’s Gartner Supply...

Costa_Express Response Network

The Three “Habits” for Successful IoT Implementations

18 December, 2018

In Lora Cecere’s Supply Chain 2020 study, the Internet of Things (IoT) was considered one of two disruptive technologies...

Machine Learning SCP Use Cases

Demand Planning is the top Machine Learning App for Supply Chain Planning

11 December, 2018

Source: Gartner 2018     

Gartner recently polled both users and vendors on which types of supply chain planning (SCP)...

Largest Direct to Consumer  Companies

Supply Chain Planning for Direct-To-Consumer

4 December, 2018

Direct-to-Consumer (DTC) presents special supply chain planning challenges for both smaller microbrands (e.g., eyeglass...

Forecast Accuracy Benchmarking - What Does Good Look Like

What’s Your Forecast Accuracy Target for 2019?

27 November, 2018

Editor’s Note: Two years ago we posted a blog about how to set an annual forecast accuracy target and it was one of our...

Probablistic Forecasting 2

Why probabilistic forecasting is better for inventory optimization

13 November, 2018

Last month we published a primer on probabilistic forecasting, an alternative to deterministic or ‘single number’...

Procter Gamble Brands GDM

How Procter & Gamble is thriving on supply chain complexity

6 November, 2018

Source: Gartner Supply Chain Executive Conference 

Procter & Gamble (P&G) is known for best-in-class supply chain...

Mega Trends driving Stage 5 Supply Chain Planning vision

Three Mega Trends Driving Gartner Stage 5 Supply Chain Planning

30 October, 2018

Gartner says that clients are increasingly asking, “What will the future of supply chain planning look like?” and in a...

Supply Chain Control Room

Gartner Questions Supply Chain “Control Towers”

23 October, 2018

Gartner says that future supply chain planning will look less like a "control tower" and more like a refinery "control...

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