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Two Kinds of Supply Chain Risk and How to Prepare for Them

12 June, 2018

When most people think of supply chain risk, they often think about the impact of major unforeseen “headline grabbing”...

Segmenting Your Inventory by Gross Margin and Demand Variability

Segmenting Your Inventory by Gross Margin and Demand Variability

8 June, 2018

Source: Gartner Research

Gartner Research analyst Paul Lord has developed a thought-provoking approach (shown in the...

Supply chain digital twins

Modeling Supply Chains with “Digital Twins”

30 May, 2018

The growing momentum around systems-based thinking in supply chain planning has given rise to a new concept called the...

Gartner SCP five stage maturity model

“Digital Transformation” and Supply Chain Planning

15 May, 2018

Here is the scenario: The C Suite says it wants “digital transformation". Your company has an older supply chain planning...

Inventory Optimization addresses multiple issues

Four ways Inventory Optimization can address tighter supply constraints

8 May, 2018

As the (U.S.) economic expansion enters its ninth year, supply constraints are showing up in supply chains. 

The Wall...

Gartner Maturity Curve

How to Move from Gartner Stage 2 to Stage 3 Retailing

1 May, 2018

Using the Gartner Demand Planning five stage maturity scale, analyst Mike Griswold estimated on a recent call that...

Types of Advanced Analytics in Supply Chain Decision Making

Advanced Analytics versus Artificial Intelligence

26 April, 2018

For firms with Advanced Analytics or Artificial Intelligence (AI) in their future, Gartner has just published a useful...

The Auto Industry's Value Chain Profit Pool

Want to disrupt your supply chain? Check out this new analytical tool

17 April, 2018

Brad Householder, Founder and CEO of b2i, spoke at the ToolsGroup TG18 user conference recently and presented an...

Global Supply Chain Planning

Digital Transformation of Supply Chain Planning at SKF

11 April, 2018

Jörg Schlager describing SKF's Integrated Planning (Source: Optilon)

Digital transformation” is tough for any firm, but...

MEIO_in manuafcturing

Transforming the manufacturing supply chain with MEIO

3 April, 2018


Editor’s Note: Last year ToolsGroup became Microsoft’s partner for Multi-echelon Inventory Optimization (MEIO) in...

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