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Supply Chain Complexity and the Need for Disruptive Technology

28 September, 2016


The keynote address at the always enlightening Supply Chain Insights Global Summit was given by Lora Cecere, and she...

The Self-Correcting Supply Chain

20 September, 2016

Compared to conventional mathematical models (left), self-correcting models (right) are logical, so they can be created,...


The Amazon Revolution, Part II: Tuning Your Multichannel Supply Chain to Compete

13 September, 2016

An Amazon recruiting poster

In the retail revolution, Wal-Mart first brought low-cost goods to the shelf. Amazon then...

The Amazon Supply Chain Revolution, Part I

6 September, 2016


You can tell it’s a revolution when heads roll, and “heads” (brick-and-mortar stores) are rolling in retail. Macy’s is...


New Gartner Report Identifies Biggest Supply Chain Obstacles

30 August, 2016


Demand variability is a problem even with fast moving items (shown on left), but especially with slow moving items...


The Seven Key Capabilities of Demand Sensing

23 August, 2016


Editors Note: A few weeks ago, we published a blog describing why most CPG companies have hit a demand forecasting...


Why Forecast Accuracy Alone Can’t Solve Service Level Problems

2 August, 2016

Editor's Note: We hope you are enjoying your summer.We will be off the next two weeks, so the next blog post will be on...

Why CPG Demand Forecasting Has Hit a Ceiling

26 July, 2016

Most CPG companies have hit a demand forecasting ceiling. The good ones are breaking through.

Consumer package goods...

Why Individual Retail Stores Shouldn’t Order Their Own Inventory

19 July, 2016

In the old days, each store knew best what inventory it needed to keep shelves stocked and customers satisfied. But with...


A Different Solution to the Supply Chain Talent Shortage

12 July, 2016


“78% of respondents to Gartner’s most recent Chief Supply Chain Officer Survey identify talent as the No. 1 long-term...

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