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Segmenting your spare parts supply chain for 3D printing

13 March, 2018

From warehouse robots (very real) to equipment that you control with your mind (in the labs), new technologies appear so...

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Why you should modernize your spare parts planning

23 January, 2018

There’s untapped cash and profits in your spare parts business. Aftermarket parts is a big net margin producer for many...

Internet of Things IoT for Service Parts Planning.jpg

A Path Towards IoT Enabled Service Parts Planning

25 July, 2017


Editor's Note:  This week we have a guest post from Bob Ferrari, Managing Director of the Ferrari Consulting and...

What’s Wrong with Aftermarket Parts Supply Chain Planning?

10 May, 2016

This is actually a trick question. What’s wrong with aftermarket supply chain planning really has nothing to do with...

Supply Chain Innovation: Service Parts Planning Case Study

10 February, 2015


Last week we talked about the complexity of service and aftermarket parts planning, and what’s new in supply chain...

Supply Chain Innovation: What’s New in Service Parts Planning

3 February, 2015


Service parts planning can be a head scratcher. Aftermarket supply chains usually require multi-tier distribution...

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