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Here’s What’s Wrong with Demand Forecasting

21 December, 2015

Since there will be a week off between posts, we wanted to forgo the fluff in most year-end blogs and leave you with a...

Sensing Demand at Point of Sale - Part 2:  Demand Signal Repositories

8 December, 2015


Last week we discussed how grabbing hold of data at the point of consumption—essentially, taking continuous-frame...

Sensing Demand at the Point of Sale

1 December, 2015

There is a new technique for improving forecast accuracy and inventory optimization—sensing demand from Point of Sale...

How Safety Stock Absorbs Demand Volatility

22 September, 2015

Demand volatility is cited by Gartner, IDC and other analyst firms as the number one obstacle identified by corporate...

Coming Now: The Age of Advanced Demand Analytics

11 August, 2015
  1. Supply chains are getting more complex, while

  2. Customers are insisting on ever faster response times.

Why SAP APO Can’t Forecast Demand in Complex Environments

4 August, 2015


Manoranjith Pathekkara, managing director at LogicaMatrix (, writes on the inherent limitations...

Sensing Demand or the Art of Hitting a Curve Ball – Part 2

30 June, 2015


How do you get to be really good at forecasting demand and driving higher supply chain performance? The same way you...

Demand Sensing and the Art of Hitting a Curve Ball – Part 1

23 June, 2015

They say sports is not just about doing the right thing, but being able to do it very fast. Think of an outfielder in...

Demand Analytics and the Omni-Channel Customer Experience

16 June, 2015


While much has been written in the trade press about the omnichannel opportunity, somewhat less has been written about the...

Changing Supply Chain Planning Dashboards: It's Not the 1990s Anymore

9 June, 2015

Modern dashboards allow users easy access to more and better information, such as the performance of different...

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