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Supply Chain Innovation: Adapting Demand Forecasting to Multichannel

2 June, 2015

Last week we described how Gartner analysts Matthew Spooner and Tom Enright expected supply chain planning to evolve...

Forecasting Over the Product Lifecycle

31 March, 2015

Editor's Note: We will be taking the next two weeks off and publishing our next post on April 21.

Demand forecasting is...

Supply Chain Innovation: Improving Forecast Value Added

24 March, 2015

Forecast accuracy is a common and helpful overall measure. But Forecast Value Added (FVA) adds visibility into the inputs...

The Evolution of Forecasting

17 March, 2015

You don’t want to be on the left side of the above forecasting evolution chart -- which represents the leaps that have...

Becoming Demand-Driven – Because There is No Perfect Forecast

3 March, 2015


“Let’s face it, there is no perfect forecast.”  

That's a comment from Carol Ptak, a founder of the Demand Driven...

Supply Chain Innovation: Machine Learning in Supply Chain Planning

24 February, 2015

A Short Interview with Ester Pescio, CEO of Rulex

Rulex is a machine learning software vendor who has successfully...


Rise of the Machines – Predictive Analytics in Supply Chain Planning

19 February, 2015

Editor's Note: Chainalytics is a leading global supply chain consulting firm and long time ToolsGroup partner.

“Open the...

Improving Demand Forecasting and Planning with Machine Learning

20 January, 2015

In our last blog we talked about using best-of-breed software to overcome the shortcomings of ERP-based supply chain...

Demand Modeling Part 2—Separating the Signal from the Noise

11 November, 2014


It is impossible to generate a perfect demand forecast. What makes it impossible is noise—seemingly random or arbitrary...

Don't Forecast Demand, Model Your Demand

4 November, 2014


Demand modeling is different than demand forecasting. Simply put, it doesn’t forecast demand, it models demand.

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