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What's wrong with ABC inventory classification?

15 March, 2016

ABC inventory classification has been around so long that most planners just assume it’s the only way to segment your...

A Wish for 99+ Percent Customer Service

17 November, 2015

For those finishing up their 2016 strategic goals, or perhaps looking for a Christmas wish or a New Year’s resolution,...

Five Types of Inventory Optimization You Should Know

10 November, 2015


For inventory optimization, optimizing inventory configuration is often the predominant issue in most manufacturing...

When is Inventory Too “Lean”?  Finding the Right Balance

3 November, 2015

I learned about “lean manufacturing” (or simply “lean”) back in the 1990s when I met James Womack and read his book “The...

How Safety Stock Absorbs Demand Volatility

22 September, 2015

Demand volatility is cited by Gartner, IDC and other analyst firms as the number one obstacle identified by corporate...

Inventory Obsolescence: It Can Get Complicated

1 September, 2015


It’s hard to get around obsolescence. Derived from the Latin verb obsolesere—to grow old—most products in the...

Supply Chain Innovation: Plan or Perish in the “Cold Chain”

18 August, 2015


Note: There will be no blog post next week due to summer holidays.

If it’s hot in August, you can duck in and out of...

Managing the Long Tail–Part 3: How Dart Achieved a 99.6% Service Level

21 July, 2015

After analyzing the long tail supply chain challenge in the last two blogs, this week we see how Dart tackled their long...

The Role of Inventory Optimization in a Market-Driven Supply Chain

19 May, 2015

Organizational Tensions to Reduce Inventory Levels                 Source:Supply Chain Insights

It’s time to rethink...

Multi-Echelon Inventory Optimization and Fast Time-to-Benefit

27 January, 2015


Multi-echelon inventory optimization (MEIO) may sound like a mouthful, but the concept is simple—create the best...

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