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Largest Direct to Consumer  Companies

Supply Chain Planning for Direct-To-Consumer

4 December, 2018

Direct-to-Consumer (DTC) presents special supply chain planning challenges for both smaller microbrands (e.g., eyeglass...

Demand Data by Geography.gif

The Power of Downstream Data for Sensing Demand

8 August, 2017

POS data helps sense and respond to localized demand. The blue bars represent historic average order demand profiles,...


Why Forecast Accuracy Alone Can’t Solve Service Level Problems

2 August, 2016

In recent blogs we’ve discussed the importance of forecast accuracy, but forecast accuracy alone can’t solve inventory...

Here’s What’s Wrong with Demand Forecasting

21 December, 2015

Since there will be a week off between posts, we wanted to forgo the fluff in most year-end blogs and leave you with a...

Managing the Long Tail of the Supply Chain Part 4: Five Takeaways

28 July, 2015

Our last three posts covered the key messages of the recent Consumer Goods Technology (CGT) web seminar about long tail...

Managing the Long Tail–Part 3: How Dart Achieved a 99.6% Service Level

21 July, 2015

After analyzing the long tail supply chain challenge in the last two blogs, this week we see how Dart tackled their long...

The Long Tail of the Supply Chain: Part 2 - Pareto is Dead

14 July, 2015

In last week’s blog, Lora Cecere emphasized the need to forego traditional forecasting and replenishment strategies in...

Managing the Long Tail of the Supply Chain: Part 1

7 July, 2015

This month we will dedicate four posts to an important but not well understood supply chain planning phenomenon called...

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