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Is your supply chain planning ready for the “Experience Economy”?

17 October, 2017

Gartner says we are entering what they call the ‘Experience Economy”, where personalization, speed, agility and the...

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Traditional Statistics versus Machine Learning. What’s the Difference?

19 September, 2017

Since machine learning is a hot topic, we thought it useful to clarify the difference between machine learning and...

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Retailers, Is Machine Learning a Little Black Dress or an Accessory?

28 April, 2017

At first glance, a discussion about clothing and technology seems a bit incongruous, even for a retail focused blog. What...

Why You Need to Embrace Autonomous Supply Chain Planning

18 April, 2017

Editor's Note: This piece (with small variations) first appeared as a Supply Chain Brain editorial joining the debate...

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Five Ways Machine Learning Can Improve Demand Forecasting

24 January, 2017

Machine learning is being incorporated into solutions in every walk of life - home thermostats, health monitoring...

The Self-Correcting Supply Chain

20 September, 2016

Compared to conventional mathematical models (left), self-correcting models (right) are logical, so they can be created,...


Ex Machina: AI and the Future of Supply Chain Planning

12 January, 2016

There’s been a lot of discussion lately about the future of artificial intelligence and its impact on human beings. It...

Five Things You Need to Know About Machine Learning for Supply Chain Planning

27 October, 2015

First a confession: I borrowed this blog’s title directly from Gartner Analyst Noha Tohamy and her recent research note ...

Five Predictions from the Latest Gartner Supply Chain Conference

13 October, 2015

Gartner analysts presented their latest supply chain findings at the two-day Gartner Supply Chain Executive...

The Challenge of “Click and Collect” Supply Chain Planning

29 September, 2015

“Click and Collect” lockers and sales kiosks are becoming increasingly popular methods of order fulfilment, and for good...

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