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The Amazon Supply Chain Revolution, Part I

6 September, 2016



Why Individual Retail Stores Shouldn’t Order Their Own Inventory

19 July, 2016

In the old days, each store knew best what inventory it needed to keep shelves stocked and customers satisfied. But with...

Is Inventory Optimization a Key to Omnichannel Survival?

17 May, 2016

For multi-channel retailers, it’s getting increasingly difficult to survive in “the Amazon jungle”. Bob Ferrari of Supply...

The Challenge of “Click and Collect” Supply Chain Planning

29 September, 2015

“Click and Collect” lockers and sales kiosks are becoming increasingly popular methods of order fulfilment, and for good...

Supply Chain Innovation: Plan or Perish in the “Cold Chain”

18 August, 2015


Note: There will be no blog post next week due to summer holidays.

If it’s hot in August, you can duck in and out of...

Demand Analytics and the Omni-Channel Customer Experience

16 June, 2015


While much has been written in the trade press about the omnichannel opportunity, somewhat less has been written about the...

Supply Chain Innovation: Adapting Demand Forecasting to Multichannel

2 June, 2015

Last week we described how Gartner analysts Matthew Spooner and Tom Enright expected supply chain planning to evolve...

Supply Chain Planning for Omni-Channel Holiday Retailing

9 December, 2014

At many retailers, holiday shopping is the Super Bowl of supply chain planning. Demand comes at you from all directions,...

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