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Avoid “Lost in Translation”. Monetize S&OP to Include Finance.

11 July, 2017

Finance speaks a different language than supply chain. But by monetizing Sales & Operations Planning (S&OP), supply chain...

Gartner says “Add S&OP to your Financial Planning”. Here’s Why.

27 June, 2017

“Based on our research, every organization which aligns top-down financial plans with bottom-up demand plans, as part of...

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Gartner Releases a New S&OP Magic Quadrant

10 May, 2017

Gartner Research just released its new Magic Quadrant for Sales & Operations Planning Systems of Differentiation (S&OP...

In-memory computing for S&OP provides a degree of freedom to accommodate variations caused by the growing complexity of demand and supply.jpg

Why S&OP Needs In-Memory Computing

22 March, 2017

 In-memory computing S&OP provides a degree of freedom to accommodate variations caused by the growing complexity of...


Sales & Operations Execution (S&OE) vs. S&OP

18 October, 2016

S&OP (Sales & Operations Planning) and SI&OP (Sales, Inventory & Operations Planning) are two well know acronyms. Now...

Increasing S&OP clarity by adjusting “depth of field”

19 April, 2016

In last week’s blog we talked about the fundamental challenge of connecting tactical S&OP down to detailed execution....

What's Wrong with S&OP?

12 April, 2016

“The No. 1 challenge among manufacturing companies is connecting sales and operations planning (S&OP) to operational...

Five Types of Inventory Optimization You Should Know

10 November, 2015


Inventory configuration is usually the predominant issue in most manufacturing environments. Inventory policy is...

Five Predictions from the Latest Gartner Supply Chain Conference

13 October, 2015

Gartner analysts presented their latest supply chain findings at the two-day Gartner Supply Chain Executive...

Making the Right Call with Supply Chain Planning “Instant Replay”

8 September, 2015

Instant replay is a big part of sports, helping refs carefully review calls made in the speed of the moment. Similar...

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